iPhone GSX + Replacement Details (Sold to, Activation Policy, Replacement and Case History) [temporary down]


GSX report + replacement history of the given IMEI

IMEI: 355834081336920
Part Description: IPHONE 7 PLUS,MM,BLACK 128GB
Product Sold By: BEST BUY
Coverage Status: Out Of Warranty (No Coverage)
Estimated Purchase Date: 03/14/17
Purchased In: United States
Serial Number: F2LT5DTKHFXW
Initial Activation Policy ID: 4000
MEID: 35583408133692
Activation Policy Description: US Reseller Flex Policy
Applied Activation Policy ID: 2303
Applied Activation Policy Description: Multi-Mode Unlock
Product Version: 11.2.1
Next Tether Policy ID: 2303
Last Restore Date:
Next Tether Activation Policy Description: Multi-Mode Unlock
Bluetooth MAC Address:
First Unbrick Date: 03/14/17
Last Unbrick Date:
Unlocked: true
Unlock Date: 03/19/17
Case Created: 12/27/17
100390698804 - FMIP Support: Case Note
No refund if not replaced

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Summary: Reveals the original IMEI sold by the company before replacement

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