Refund / Reimbursement Policy

All the payments are refundable with no condition and no question asked.

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Notice for PayPal users:

Starting from September 2017, we no longer issue refund of existing PayPal transactions (we send payments instead, read details).

In order to maintain our PayPal account in good standing (according to PayPal), we no longer issue refund for the transactions made to add credits to any account.
The reason is that PayPal uses a risk evaluator framework that determines if such business is relatively of high risk or not. This last relies on the overall number of refunded transactions.
Knowing that PayPal charge variable fees per transaction, a refund deprives them from making profit.

From September 2017, we no longer issue refund of existing PayPal transaction. Nevertheless, we do send payments to our customers.

When a client sends a money-back request, we send him the exact amount of his balance in form of payment. PayPal applies fees on these transactions (approximately 5%).

One user added $20 to his balance, eventually paid $21.5 ($20 + 5% + $0.5) in his PayPal transaction. Whether he uses part of his credits or not, at the moment he sends his money-back request, we process the equivalent amount of his current balance.
Supposing he did not use any of his credits at the time of his request, we send him a payment of exactly $20. PayPal will charge him approximately 5%. Therefore, he will get around $19 (initially he paid $21.5).
Be aware that when you pay for 20 credits, we only receive $20 (no more) and PayPal keeps the rest as processing fees. Thus, when issuing a refund, we pay for what we received and cannot send more then what we got.
In other words, we do not keep any of the money for ourselves.

We count on your understaning to help us keep our PayPal account active and available to our community (we already lost two major accounts).

Note that users who send payments as gift will always receive full refund since we send them the money back the same way (as gift). Pick this option to top up your account if you want to save these fees.

By sending a money-back request, you agree to these terms and conditions.

After sending a Money-Back request, if you place any new order (except auto-checks), your request will be automatically discarded.

All prices are subject to change without notice. If you have any progressing orders, they should not be affected. However, in rare cases, the orders will be rejected and your credits refunded to your account and you should receive a notification explaining the reason.

Feel free to contact us if you have any concern. Our team is here to provide continuous help and support.